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 Equine Related Projects


My favorite thing to write about is horses and the many ways in which they make us stronger.

Whether mentally, as we pursue our competition goals, physically as we perform the daily tasks necessary to run a barn, or emotionally as we learn to accept the highs and lows of horse ownership.

The following are published articles:

for the Thinline Global website:

OTTB Saddle Fitting and Thinline


 “Seven Whine-Worthy Situations Every Horse Owner has Experienced” 


“Can a Pony Change the World”

“5 Things the Equestrian Might Love if Horses Were Extinct”


“New to Horses” meets “Been There Done That”

“Ode to the Average Horse Person”

“When Being Right is Scary”



I love to research subjects/ideas for my blog to create fun, informative, and authentic content that resonates with the equine crowd.

Giddyupandwrite is featured on several websites, such as:

Of Horse

Horse Network


Equestrian Sport Life 

Check out the following links to some of my favorite posts on:

“New Feature: Short and Silly (Or Sweet)”

 “Five Suggestions to Help the Thrifty Equestrian Overcome Vendor Delirium”

“When is it Time to Sell the Bad Horse?”

 Real Estate

One of my best clients is the real-estate company, SmartAgents.

is a successful business that provides products, courses, and resources for real-estate agents looking to grow their business.

Check out this link for some of my SmartAgents projects.

Children’s Event Programming/curriculum creation 

I have written several lesson plans for the Children’s Church program that I’ve been co-directing the past 4 years.

These plans include lesson topics, relevant scriptures, and memory verses as well as activities and games. I send newsletters to the parents semi-annually to keep them updated regarding what the children have been learning and what our future goals entail.

It is also my responsibility to provide teachers on the team with appropriate material outlining weekly responsibilities as well as our official plan of action.