Valuable Past Experience


My work at the local library as Creative Consultant was a great platform for me to really develop the ability to

strategically plan advertising to reach specific demographics.

At the Fenton Free Library, we were facing a huge budget cut- one that would, in fact, make continued operations impossible within a year or two.

Along with the director and a handful of passionate staff, I was part of a fundraising, and budget vote campaign that ultimately succeeded in savingpexels-photo-590493.jpeg

“The Little Library that Could.”

We mounted a large-scale campaign to have the library added to the local school budget, which was approved, ensuring substantial support annually.

That result was our goal as we produced countless newsletters, signs, slogans, and public awareness interviews and articles, many of which I designed.

During that time I also created the Pinterest Club, in an effort to target a “missing demographic.”

It was and continues to be, a resounding success…

                  In fact, the club is now so popular that the library has to offer several time slots and sign up sheets to accommodate the crafty patrons!

  I have been a teaching Sunday School for over 15 years and was invited pexels-photo-372326.jpegto join the team as Co-Director 4 years ago.

The experience I’ve had while working with children of all ages has been invaluable to me as I continue to pursue my writing career.

Kids will always teach us what we are best at, and where we have room to grow!pexels-photo-225017.jpeg

I have been responsible for creating a curriculum that is both engaging and fun, as well as actionable and user-friendly.

I’ve also come to understand various personality profiles while working with my team to schedule and maintain a healthy, vibrant and productive Children’s Church atmosphere.

Stable People

I’ve spent many years working at the barn, whether to help cover my board or to make some extra money by guiding trail rides.

“Horse people are a different sort of clan altogether…”

…and I’ve had many experiences in the saddle and in the hay mow that have proven that statement true, several times over. sara shelley copywriting

I happen to like most horse people, but it does usually require some skill to manage relationships and working goals in any barn.

People Skills can’t really be taught, but they can be learned throughout our relationships and careers.

My various jobs have all instilled in me the value of understanding people and the importance of being easy to relate to and work with.

sara shelley copywriting