What I do

My goal at Double S Copywriting is to always produce content that touches on

key emotional notes that resonate with your clients.

How do I do that? Simple…I believe in the power of nice! Don’t laugh- just think about the people in your life that you like, and trust the most. They are the people you feel connected to. You enjoy being around them because chances are- they have a lot in common with you…

The emotional connection is the single most effective way to nurture leads and drive conversions.

Whatever your industry- publishing content based on the understanding that feelings are key motivators, will always increase your bottom line.

Whether I am managing your company blog, writing case studies or testimonials, or creating content for your social media platforms, you can be certain;

I will connect with your clients…

…and give them a reason to believe that behind the office doors, paperwork-laden desks, and deadline driven schedules, your business is full of nice, like-minded people.

I create content that will target specific emotional responses, that is authentic and true to your voice and ideals, generating connections and converting prospects to customers.