About Me

My first concrete memories are of horses…

Yup! That’s me!

Petting them, pretending to be them, and¬†gloriously- riding them. I was convinced that I needed only two things in life to secure my happily-ever-after: ¬†a horse, and a rich husband. (one of two isn’t bad…)

My writing adventures began as soon as I learned to hold the pen and sort out some phonetics. Many entries in my “Top Sekrit!!!!” Hello-Kitty diary demonstrate my innate ability to…dramatize.

I’ve always loved words and the power they have.

(entertaining myself by flipping through our old Webster’s to find long, satisfyingly eccentric words to memorize was a habit my parents adored…and my friends deplored)

Combining the two passions in my life has been hugely rewarding. I set off on this journey of freelance copywriting with the ultimate goal of working within the Equine Industry, but I truly enjoy writing about anything that is interesting, exciting, or even just plain good.

When I’m not writing or riding my saucy little horse Eve, I’m probably out in the fullsizeoutput_1f5woods with my 10-year-old son and his metal detector, searching for buried treasure.

If that proves too strenuous, (or there are popsicles to be had) I may be in the house watching re-runs of Downton Abbey with my eldest daughter, who turned 16 this past year. (EEK!)

But as is the case with most teenagers- her social responsibilities constitute a heavy load indeed, which means there’s plenty of time to hang out with my middle child, who takes after her mama in looks, personality, and morning snuggle requirements.IMG_1387

Through all the craziness, my not-rich husband can usually be found doing various DIY projects around the house, at the fire station where he works, or in the kitchen whipping up something delicious.fullsizeoutput_c98

I am loving life,

(I mean it!)

and look forward to every new day- knowing it’s a blank slate waiting to be filled…

It’s that sense of adventure that keeps me motivated,

and filled to the brim with new ideas and plans!