Welcome to Double S Copywriting, by Sara Shelley

I’m a freelance copywriter specializing in creating personal,engaging content, and emotionally driven case-studies and testimonials. (I’m also super nice, true story.)

People need to trust you, before they’ll even think about doing business with you. I love writing content based on that timeless principle. It’s an old fashioned revelation that always generates results you can rely on.

Focusing my attention on the industry that holds my heart- the “Horse World,”

I’m now offering those with an equine business the chance to work with a knowledgable horse woman, who relates to the average equestrian and beyond.

I’m available to help your business develop a friendly, open dialogue with your clients through your company blog, newsletter, or social media accounts that will have your conversion rates increasing, and your bottom line expanding.(The only time any type of “bottom-expansion” is a good thing…unless you have a skinny horse)

I’m a witty gal, there’s no doubt- but I’m also an expert wordsmith who is well equipped to handle case-studies, fund-raising copy, direct-response emails, etc.

Wherever you apply my know-how, you won’t be disappointed in the results it brings- I’m a perfectionist who is actually wicked friendly, as well as exceedingly professional.

(pretty much 100% of the time)

I have a keen brain, and have always been interested in learning new things- so there is a lot of random facts up there, as well as a thorough understanding of how to create compelling copy.  While I posses a lovely quantity of charisma, I am always aware that I am a professional, representing professionals.

I would really love for you to get the results you are looking for in your next content creation strategy. Even if you don’t have a need yet- send along your info, and I’ll be ready when you are!


Check out this article in Small Business Trends by Amie Marse about hiring a copywriter. It makes your job easier, and your business increase!  click here: Do you need a copywriter?

Robert J LaFave CEO, CIS Solutions:

I would recommend Sara for any content creation project. Her ability to write according to specific parameters and targeted demographics is truly an asset…

She understands how to create compelling copy, regardless of the topic.

… Sara is a rare find when it comes to her knack with people- she is very polite, funny and a pleasure to work with!

Click here for another Testimonial from Amy Kiefer, Senior Pastor of LWCC, N.Y.


“I have been privileged to work closely with Sara Shelley for the past 6yrs.

She has shown a devotion and passion for her job that is contagious. She has been able to motivate her team to make, pursue and keep goals. Creativity and diligence are the trademarks of her work ethic. She is willing to work and turn any challenge into an opportunity.

We’ve seen few people utilize every asset and talent given them to make a project succeed like she has.

Sara displays a level of attention to detail, and discipline to see a job completed that is admirable,

and if you’ve asked her to get a job done- you can trust that she will deliver.”

Senior Pastor, Amy Kiefer LWCC N.Y.